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Welcome to NW Coonies Maine Coon Cattery!
I keep my website VERY up to date. Please feel free to browse my site - there are pages upon pages of information available. You should be able to find most answers to any questions you may have! You can also see my FAQ at the bottom of the homepage.
Thank you & happy browsing!

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Here are some of my most asked Questions:

I am in Oregon, near the Salem/Portland area.

Please visit the page "Pricing & Colors"

I offer all my kittens to my waitlist first, in date order. If by chance I have made it through my waitlist and a kitten(s) did not get reserved, I will list them on my "Available Kittens" page as available. It's rare, but it does happen from time to time.

Wait times depend on what you're looking for. Those open to any color/sex will have a shorter wait time than those looking for a specific color/sex. Males, especially black smoke males, will have a longer wait than females. Other factors that play into wait times are: if mating is successful, how many kittens are born in each litter, what their color/sex are, and how many people on my waitlist pass on each given litter. Depending on all the above factors, your wait time could be a few weeks to a year or two. 

For more information, please visit the page "Join My Waitlist"

Yes!  You are welcome to make payments towards your future kitten while waiting on the waitlist. But please be aware, all payments made are NONREFUNDABLE unless I have chosen not to give you a kitten. No refunds will be given if you change your mind or decide you need your money back for any reason. All payments received will go towards your future kitten.  

I have a closed cattery. For the safety of my cats and children, I do not have visitors over. You can however pick up your kitten in person. Please visit the page "Delivery" for more information.

It's pretty hard to tell personalities when they're young. They're all playful and cute Lil fluffballs that let us pack them around and cuddle them. Their personalities really start to show around 10-12 weeks, and even after that they can change. I've had some kittens be very independent and not very cuddly, then go to their new homes and in their new environment become clingy and cuddly! And vice versa, cuddly here and more independent in their new homes. So it really depends, but we do our best to give them all the love and attention we can so they're fully prepared for their new lives, no matter how similar or different it will be ❤

Please visit the page "Your New Kitten" to see recommendations and what they're used to. 

No, your kitten will have a Spay/Neuter contract. It is your responsibility to S/N your kitten by the time they are six months old. Proof must be provided to me of S/N. This allows your kitten time to grow with its full hormones, while still getting done before sexual maturity occurs. 

All litters are registered through TICA. Once proof of S/N is provided, I will email you their TICA Registration paperwork where you can register them under your ownership and order their pedigree, if you choose to.
*Please keep in mind, you will only get papers once sufficient proof of spay/neuter is provided. Acceptable proof is a spay/neuter certificate that lists the kittens name, color, breed, DOB, and microchip number.

Kittens are able to leave when they are 12 weeks old. You can get your kitten anytime between 12-13 weeks old. You have a one week window to pick up your kitten. Please visit the page "Delivery" to see the different options on how to get your kitten home.
***Please keep in mind that you can get your kitten between 12-13 weeks old. If you need me to keep them after they turn 13 weeks old there will be a $20/day boarding fee assigned.

Size is a common question, and something no one can guarantee. Even kittens in the same litter can grow to be different sizes. Genetics can play a part, but kittens can take after several generations back. 

That said, Males tend to grow larger than females. The average male is 15-25 lbs and the average female is 10-20 lbs. There are some that weigh more or less than average also. For me, size isn't based on weight. Any cat can be fat. Also, breeding cats weigh less than fixed pets. Bone structure, height, and length are better size gauges than weight. While size is a desired trait of the Maine Coon, it's not what most breeders focus on when breeding. Maine Coons in general are large, as they are the largest breed of domestic cats. Please don't ask for an XL cat/kitten, as there is no such thing, and the breeders that advertise XL cats are just trying to get your attention.

Once an adult cat is ready for retirement, I will be looking for their forever homes. Please go to the page Retiring Breeders to learn more!

I get asked this question quite a bit, enough that I thought it was important to put on my FAQ. It's true, there are MANY scammers out there. Usually if it sounds too good to be true, it is. If kittens are listed as "for sale" or have a "buy now" button... don't walk, RUN. Likely you are looking at a stolen picture of a kitten and the scammer has no possession of any kittens.

I would encourage you to do your own research. It's not hard to find many reviews for me and my cattery. The most reviews can be found on my FaceBook, as lots of people tag me in photos of kittens/cats they've gotten from me. You can find me by searching my name on the FaceBook search bar, Traci Heppner, I have a cat as my profile pic. You'll also want to browse my website, as I have pages upon pages of information available.

A little more about Me!

My name is Traci, and I am a full time mom. Sports, school functions, homework, birthday parties, housework... so much housework.. lol. You know how the Mom/Dad role goes!  On top of being a Mom, my husband and I own our own business and we both work from home full time and stay very busy! Our cats are our passion and take a lot of time to give proper care to, play with, clean up after, etc. So you can see our lives are quite busy! I try to get back to all emails and messages within 48-72 hours, but sometimes it may take me a little longer. Don't worry - you are a high priority to me and I will get back with you soon! I look forward to talking with you!

***Please note, all communications need to be in writing, I will gladly email, text, or chat on social media. Phone calls are too hard to do with my chaotic life. Messaging allows me to multi-task while still answering your questions! It is also helpful to be able to reference past conversations if needed, so having it all in writing allows that. 

Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program

I have signed the Voluntary TICA Code of Ethics for all kittens born in my cattery that leave to pet homes. 

Retiring breeders are NOT APPLICABLE to these guidelines as they are adults when sold and sometimes not even born in my cattery.

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Shipping is available! Please click on "Delivery" for all delivery/pick-up options

More Questions? Contact me below!

***Please note:  All conversations need to be in writing (through my website, e-mail, text, social media). 

NW Coonies

Oregon, USA

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