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I keep my website VERY up to date. Please feel free to browse my site - there are pages upon pages of information available. You should be able to find most answers to any questions you may have! You can also see my FAQ at the bottom of the homepage.
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Congratulations on Your New Kitten!!

The time has come for you to prepare for your future fur baby! Many people ask me questions about what their kitten is eating, litter they are used to, toys, brushes, etc. So I created this page to help answer all those questions.

I've listed below some of the products I use and recommend to keep your new baby happy and comfortable!

I've also created an easy Amazon List for your shopping convenience. You can find it here:

My Trupanion Rep put together this informative video on bringing home your new kitten. Please watch it for helpful tips!

Some kittens acclimate to their new homes quickly, while others take longer. Don't be alarmed if your kitten takes a week or so to get used to their new home, everything they have ever know has just changed! Their humans, their parents/siblings/friends are gone, new smells, new faces, new sounds, new everything! It can be quite scary, but don't worry, they will settle down and get used to their new homes in time. Others will come home and act like they own the place. It really just depends on the kitten. It's best to keep your kitten in a small, safe area while they adjust. It will help them adapt better than letting them have the run of the house from the get-go. 

Important: Keep them on the same diet

It is very important that you keep your kitten on the same food he/she is used to eating. A sudden change of diet can cause upset stomach and diarrhea. Your new kitten will come with a sample bag of food (unless your kitten is flying - there is no room to send the kitten kit this way). You will also get an email sent to you with a recommendation of where to buy their food along with a 20% discount for it! If you don't see it, please check your spam and other folders. Feel free to ask what day I sent it to narrow your search.

If you would like to change their food, please intergrade the new food slowly over time and not abruptly. Using a probiotic with their new food will help with the transition. I leave dry out as a free feed and feed wet twice a day (Morning and night). You can feed your kitten more than twice a day!

How much wet food should you feed your kitten?
I would offer them as much as they want to eat in one sitting. When they act uninterested, you will know they are full. Put it in the fridge for later. With each meal, you can get a better gage of how much your kitten will eat each sitting. You cannot overfeed a kitten, so feel free to feed them as often as they'd like to eat! They're growing and hungry!

***Do NOT free feed wet food, it will go bad and cause food poisoning! Wet food must be refrigerated after being opened.

It is not uncommon for your kitten's appetite to be lower or for them not to go potty for the first day or two after bringing them home. Moving homes is stressful for them. Once they become more comfortable, they will go back to their normal behaviors. Don't be alarmed if you don't see a bowel movement for a day or so. They will go when they need to.

What We Feed:

Royal Canin Mother BabyCat:Kittens and their Mothers will have full access to this free-fed dry food and get canned wet food twice a day. You can switch to kitten food when your kitten is 4 months old. When you pick your kitten up, they will be fed this food. I recommend buying a small bag of this food while transitioning them over to kitten food. You can order it below, or from my Store.

Royan Canin Kitten: My future or current breeders under 2 years old will have access to this free-fed dry food. This kitten food is best for ages 4 months to up to 2 years old but minimally 1 year old. After that, they should be switched to adult food. Your kitten will be sent home with a small bag of dry kitten food and a 3oz can of wet kitten food. You can order more food below or on my Store, and pick it up when you pick up your kitten! Kittens 4 months to 1 year old should be fed this wet food, at least twice daily, but you can feed them as often as they'd like to eat! They're growing and you can't overfeed a kitten!

Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion: I mix this adult food with the kitten food (50/50) for my adult breeders. They are fed this blend as a free feed. If your cat is over a year old, I would recommend this food.

I leave dry food out as a free feed and feed wet food at least twice a day (morning and night). 


Daily Care Feline: I add these vitamins to their dry food to give them optimal nutrition!
Tummy Works: I add this probiotic to their dry food to keep their gut balanced.
Lysine: I add this suppliment to their dry food to help boost their immune system

One Stop Shop:

Get your supplies here!

For your convenience, you can purchase any food, vitamins, or other supplies from the options below, and you can pick them up at the same time you pick up your kitten!

Worming & Vaccines

Your kitten will be up to date on vaccines and de-worming. They get dewormed about every 2 weeks from the time they are 2 weeks old until they leave. Your kitten will come with it's records to share with your vet.

Your Kitten is Microchipped!

Your kitten will be Microchipped, but not registered. You will need to register them. Their microchip number will be included in their packet. 

You can register them for free using the website

You get 30 days FREE pet insurance!!!!!

Each kitten will come home with a code to activate your 30 days of free Pet Insurance! Don't forget to activate it within 24 hours of bringing your kitten home!

Click this link to watch a video on pet insurance: 

Click below to activate your new insurance with your special code provided in your kitten packet!

Litter Robot

Tired of scooping litter? These automatic litter boxes are awesome. You literally just change the bag out when your phone tells you its full! Use my link to get $25 off yours!!

Is My Kitten Used to Dogs?

While I don't have any dogs around my cats, many of my kittens go to homes with dogs of all ages & sizes! Here are some photos of them!